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Accurate and fast translation for Ethiopian languages

Translate content, save time, and generate insights for major Ethiopian and Eritrean languages.

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Document Translation for Ethiopian Languages

Lesan’s translation service is affordable, fast, reliable and accurate. Our team works with more than 100 skilled translators to meet any translation need. We have worked with a range of clients and are excited to work with you.

Languages we cover: Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo, Somali, English



Our technology and experienced team ensures the best quality of translation everytime, guaranteed.



We are GDPR compliant, we automatically remove documents as soon as the translation is completed.



We work with hundreds of expert translators to meet any delivery time you require. No more missed deadlines.

"Thank you for your great service! Lesan helped us translate large amount of document in a short time"

— Dagmawi (Dalberg)

“Working with Lesan for our translation needs was so easy. They delivered the work on time and it was great quality”

— Lorenzo (i4policy)

Example with Python:


import requests

API_URL = ''

text = 'Hello world!'
data = {'key': API_KEY, 'text': text, 'src_lang': 'en', 'tgt_lang': 'ti'}
r =, data=data)


{'tgt_text': 'ሰላም ዝሰፈኖ ዓለም!'}

Our Translation API

Our translation API allows you to easily translate amharic and tigrinya (more languages soon).

We are your gateway to reach and understand Ethiopian communities.

  • No volume restrictions
  • Pay for what you use — €20 per 1m characters
  • Cost control — Limit your maximum monthly costs.

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